The Photographer
Photography is not a business for me and has never seemed like work. My first camera as a boy was a Kodak Brownie. This instrument never brought any satisfaction as I cannot rember having any picture that was in focus. I wonder if they were all that way? My father gave me his Kodak Retina which did focas and eventually provided the satisfation of taking a great picture. Later a Canon A1 and eventually my Mamiya 645 would futher add to the improvemnt of my work. They also seemed to focus well.

Digital Cameras
I have owned several digital cameras in the last few years and currently shoot with a Nikon D3xo SLR. Most of the images exhited here were taken with an earlier Fugifilm S1 or S2 Pros camera. Digital cameras are here to stay and rival images taken with film cameras.

A Little Bit More...
The proper equipment is essential. In addition to a great camera, the quality of the lens is equally important. A cheap lens just doen't provide the satisfaction of a high quality product. I no longer waste time struggling to make Brownie quality componets work.

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