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Travel to North Carolina
I plan to travel to North Carolina to photograph the Outer Banks and the coastal region. I will aslo visit my cousins and family while in the state. This will be a splendid opportunity for new portraits and some great landscapes.

New Website Look
I am experimenting with a new look for the website. Let me know what you think anbout the look and feel of this current site.

Displaying Images on the Web
Over the past couple of years I have tried several techniques for displating images on a website. The website you are viewing now has some very nice features and uses a Flash header to launch multiple HTML pages. The exhibit area can be reached by several means but it is primarily open by a button on the menue bar. The exbit pages are complex to setup and not really very easily managed by a webmaster as each gallery requires three pages to control the performance. Without having programing experience I would not recommend these techniques. I am currently also using a Java applet as a slideshow display. This approach is much easier to use but limits conrol by a viewer.

Flash Viewer
My next project will be to setup a site control by Flash. I have done some preliminary testing of the pages and I like the look and feel of the image display pages. It also has some very nice features that allow setting permissions and passwords so that others can download images at full resolution. From a practicle point of view this is only good if you have lots of disk space to store all the images.

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